Last night… we should have seen last night coming. I have personally gone from living in the heart of a major city to living on the edge of a middling one. Cities both though, and that has defined my viewpoint.

Still, should have seen last night coming.

What does it mean for us? In the short term we can expect people to be cautious. No-one really knows what’s coming. Are you going to need thirty quid to visit your GP? Will you still be in a job next week? Are your rent protections going to be torn up?

No-one knows, and that makes people cautious. Cautious people don’t spend. We expect to see people saving. Less willing to take risks, which is bad news for what is for most people an unknown performance form.

The audience will need more nurturing, more reassuring. More opportunities to reassure itself and its friends.

For the rest… who knows, maybe the current tory government will pull its masks off and reveal – to our surprise! – that they are compassionate people who see the value of developing and protecting all the people of this country. Or maybe it’ll be business as usual.

Sounding cynical. These posts are for developing a creative business. I’ll do saving the country somewhere else. The young are going to be busy, unstable and skint. Welcome to our new playing field.

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