Bradford’s premier improvised theatre company.

We are closed for plague season! Update 24th July 2020 – apparently everything’s going to stutter into life on the 1st of August. Summer’s a pretty dead season for us anyway, so we’ll have a look at the venue, we will monitor the situation carefully, and if all goes well, and hopefully no second waves, we will reopen for business. At this point it’s most likely to be on the 15th September. When we know we’ll put the word out on the mailing list and here.

We are a hoot. The open sessions are a place to relax and enjoy. A place to laugh, to meet new people, try something new and play with stuff in a safe environment. If you’ve done any sort of theatre in the past then you’ve done improv. If you’ve watched Whose Line is it Anyway on tv then you’ve seen improv. Improv improves a range of skills and is booming across the country as a way of developing communication and confidence.

We hold regular open classes in central Bradford, suitable for complete beginners where you can meet, laugh and try improv for yourself.

We perform regular shows, in Bradford and beyond.

We offer training in improvised theatre skills to voluntary and community groups and to business clients. You can use improv to:

  • Improve your confidence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Improve your lifeskills
  • Improve your teamwork and leadership skills
  • Improve your memory
  • Sharpen your thinking skills
  • Meet new people and create new connections

and laugh like a child while you do.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions

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